More Carpet Stripping – How I Love Finding Those Floorboards!

We’ve been stripping out more carpet this week and I wanted to share some progress photos with you. It’s a very satisfying, if surprisingly energetic task: I love uncovering the 130 year-old floorboards, it’s great! I do sometimes think it would be easier if we weren’t living here at the same time though, it’s like a never-ending Tetris game, moving all the boxes and bits of furniture around as we work!

The boards are not in bad condition, although there are a lot of paint splatters and they have been chopped around in places, replaced with crappy, narrow pine boards. I’ve decided that I’ll replace these again with boards similar to the originals, and we found a great-looking salvage place in Bridgend over the weekend called Theadore and Daughters, which may be a good source. The owners were welcoming and helpful, and it’s great to have somewhere we feel comfortable looking around – in so many other places I feel as if we’re trespassers – so we may well give them a go when we’re ready!

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