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I do my best work in the cafes and bars of Penarth at the moment, with the house looking like such a bomb-site! And I can often be found pouring over a home magazine in between writing this blog or my thesis. So it’s not surprising that my inspiration for today came from the magazine, Homebuilding and Renovating (page 38, December 2015).

In planning the house renovations, Richard and I often find ourselves torn between wanting the do the right thing by us / the house, and increasing the value for when we resell. We’ve had a fair few debates about it now, and have generally come to the conclusion that we want to create an interesting space which somewhat pushes the boundaries, to make somewhere that is truly happy and environmentally sound. This doesn’t usually fit with the model of greatest price increase, which many have suggested we should be following.

So when I saw the following quote from Des Ewing of Des Ewing Residential Architects, I felt somewhat heartened:

Forget the estate agent – have fun!
So many of today’s houses are a bit too serious and more concerned with what the next purchasers may think rather than what you would like. I generally find that those who design their houses well for the way they want to live, to suit the family, will find that those coming along next will also love it”

So perhaps we can have both? : A happy and money-generating home?!

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